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The cause of the diesel engine crankshaft bending

Date:2015-10-14 17:51:27

Diesel engine crankshaft is running after a period of time, the crankshaft will bend, bend to introduce below:

(1) six connecting rod, piston assembly quality, super quality group difference is bigger, each cylinder work uneven.

(2) six nozzles oil supply not divide evenly, each cylinder work uneven.

(3) because of the main bearing clearance, work.

(4) a cylinder to stop working or main bearing bolt looseness, individual piston in the cylinder burn sticks, crank shaft neck burn out and "axis", make the crankshaft stress non-uniform.

(5) strong detonation or sudden increase load diesel engine crankshaft, larger vibration to the crankshaft.

(6) diesel engine crankshaft transport was improperly secured, the bending deformation of the crankshaft.

(7) the car, start too hard or in case of an emergency braking too hard, but not in a timely manner on the clutch, shift, not in time to make the crankshaft shock and large torque.

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