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The regional distribution condition of the diesel engine crankshaft industry

Date:2015-10-14 17:51:59

Diesel engine crankshaft is an important part in the engine, working conditions, especially for automotive diesel engine, the crankshaft machining precision and toughness, high strength requirements are higher than the general parts, it is because the crankshaft quality having a direct impact on the performance of the diesel engine, diesel engine in our country basically all homemade crankshaft host enterprises. Only under the condition of market economy, engine plant in order to expand production to grab market share, to adapt to the trend of specialization division of Labour, the procurement of products to form a complete set of accessories manufacturers.

This paper discussed the crankshaft production enterprise does not include the diesel engine makers.

According to statistics, China's large automotive diesel engine crankshaft production factory about 108, mainly in shandong, liaoning, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui and hunan provinces. Compared with other fittings, enterprise area gathered crankshaft features more evident, regional concentration is higher.

National regions quantity crankshaft enterprises above designated size distribution proportion

From the perspective of the distribution of crankshaft enterprise main province, shandong province is the largest enterprise with strong strength of diesel engine crankshaft crankshaft plant. The characteristics of these enterprises, full series of form a complete set, high technical content.

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